The White Mandingos “The Ghetto Is Tryna Kill Me” dir by Jason Goldwatch


I have always said hip-hop provided a punk like lane to many Black artists at the end of the race music Era. Funk was the first of these children and hip-hop being a stair step sibling(older brother if you will). Now Murs the über prolific indie mainstay originally of the living legend crew teams up with Darrly Jenifer of Bad brains and Sacha Jenkins SHR to form “The White Mandingos”. They are obviously going for an actual punk rock meets hip-hop vibe and judging by the video they are succeeding nicely. I am hella interested in where they take this project and the video is a nice touch with a vintage feel to it. Below is the bands bio from their site. Read, get familiar and Enjoy!

The White Mandingos is a band that consists of Murs, Darryl Jenifer of Bad Brains and Sacha Jenkins SHR.

The band’s output combines the collective musical experiences of these three men who hail from three distinct towns: Washington DC, Los Angeles and New York City. “As someone who has written about music for years, it’s easy for me to try to categorize our music and say that it sounds like this-meets-that, BUT, if you twist my arm, i might say that it’s kinda like heavy negro spiritual…” says Jenkins, who, as a scribe, has written for many a music publication. “And I will also say that Murs is one of the strongest writers I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with in any medium and his voice can command a thousand armies. As for Darryl, founder of my favorite band of all time, his passion for, and knowledge of such a broad range of musics makes his touch on this project deadly.” Bass, guitar, drums, vocals, hip hop, hardcore and dusted R&B come together to push a debut that takes the strengths of the band’s members into fresh, uncharted territories.
The White Mandingos are here to rock you and roll you. The White Mandingos are heavy because legendary founding member of the Bad Brains Darryl Jenifer is in the group. The White Mandingos are heavy because legendary emcee, writer and word slayer Murs is in the group. The White Mandingos are heavy because legendary writer of words (and riffs) Sacha Jenkins SHR is in the group.
The White Mandingos are heavy because their sound combines the old with the new in an effort to inspire you and slap you. The White Mandingos are heavy because there are guitars, drums, 808s and word play that don’t play. The White Mandingos are heavy because it’s 2013 and they’re about to drop their LP, The Ghetto Is Tryna Kill Me, like it’s hot. The White Mandings are heavy, not wavy. Ask a smart person.

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