The Hue – Slick ft. Ladybug Mecca


Houston has always been a best kept secret when it comes to lyrical and true school hip-hop. Many folks only know them for their chopped and screwed syrup induced trill sounds which they are nationally known for but beneath the surface lies a incredibly fertile and talented group of emcees and producers that rep (true school hip-hop) to the fullest in my opinion. Through one of my favorite spots on the interwebs (, I discovered a artist collective they have been working with called The Hue. The Hue is a collaborative effort between H.I.S.D. and Radio Galaxy, who have come together to explore the creation of music with no boundaries. Both groups are dope alone but this collabo is mind blowing and the feature on slick by ladybug mecca is right on time. I went ahead and posted the rest of their recent single work to allow you to get familiar with this dope group of emcees, singers, musicians and poets. ENJOY!



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