Shaun Judah- Chances are( production by MackONE)


Shaun Judah is preparing to drop his latest EP very soon and if “chances are” is any indication it is going to be dope. Shaun has been a indie staple in the southeast on both the Poetry and emcee circuit. The thing I like most about his style is the fact he caries both mantles of Poet/emcee so gracefully i.e. one does not compromise the other it is seamless. He waxes poetic about heavy subject matter in a way that even a causal listener can follow. The production on this Jawn in a horn filled soundscape that is provides of classic sound bed for Judah to ask some questions and get the listener think all while their head nods to a dope song. Enjoy this tasty sonic morsel and get ready for the full course…coming soon

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