Sadat X – Freeze produced by Pete Rock


Sadat X is preparing to drop his concept album “Auqa” pretty soon and the first tease we get from this platter is “Freeze” produced by Pete Rock. If you are not familiar with Sadat X, he is part of the 90s trio brand Nubian with Lord Jamar(now of Vlad TV fame) and Grand Puba who recently dropped a jawn himself. They were a group dedicated to rocking the party and uplifting their people. To this very day Sadat X is doing that very thing as a actual teacher(he literally teaches school) and emcee. I respect Sadat X for being a living embodiment of his lyrics and there is a honesty in his approach that often is ignored in the fantasy gangsta sounds of the now. Now let’s look at the song “Freeze”. basically Sadat is calling out fraudulent behavior and ignorant activity and telling folks to “Freeze” or stop with that. He is rapping in his monotone delivery which is embellished by is voices cadence and timbre and the beat is a boom bap track with middle eastern samples injected throughout to move the sounds along. This is pretty much a meat and potatoes NY boom bap track and so heads that rejoice in that, should love this. ENJOY!

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