MARV WON- Soundtrack to Autumn


Rising Detroit emcee Marv Won and the good folks at “rapper I know” blessed us with a serious heat rock at the end of last year. This is a release I slept on toward the end of last year more so because of being inundated with dope releases last year but Marv Won’s soundtrack to autumn is definitely a keeper. Marv keeps the tradition of Detroit being a lyrically heavy city with soul and nonsense street bravado. Songs like “air mattress” is one of the better self deprecating song about being a struggling artist I have heard in a while. This is another wheel house of Detroit emcees, Self deprecating dark humor that hits home much of the soulful side of Detroit hiphop has come down that road and Marv is killing in that lane. The production is hard hitting boombap bangers that provide the appropriate soundscape for Marv and his guests which included non other than The Fat killahz, Boldy James and Nolan the Ninja. I thoroughly enjoyed this jawn and hope to find more gems from the end of last year to hold me over until 2017 crop starts to drop…..ENJOY!

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