Kurious Jorge-“Best in the world” and “All Records”


For people who don’t know, Kurious Jorge is a hip-hop vet from the golden era who released a unsung classic called “a constipated Monkey”(place joke here and lets move on). Who followed it up with a solid sophomore album and a few more beyond that but eventually walked away from hip-hop. I think because he was largely one of the artists that got great critical reviews but his sound was so traditional east coast he got lost in the trend happy culture shuffle that we are stuck in. This new material has Jorge staying with his classic sound and crafting new songs around it. I think this is a great time for artist of the classic boom bap sub genre to create some incredible music and I love it. Jorge is not reinventing the wheel on this new songs but if you just love good jazzy boombap beats and solid in pocket lyrics, Peep Jorge and his new effort. ENJOY!

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