Idasa Tariq-Frames

Idasa Tariq is a Pittsburg area emcee with a message. On his latest effort entitled “Frames” he delivers his inspired bars over soulful beats which add perfectly to the power of his message. Idasa is a emcee who speaks to societal ills that effect him and his people similar to the last poets or gil scot heron. I stopped using the word conscious in reference to artists like this as much because it has become rather clichĂ©. I see it as dope introspective and uplifting music for the soul both timely with the potential to be timeless. The weaving of samples of speeches and news reports to further illustrate the point of lyrical narratives is one of my favorite parts of hip hop and it is used in a very effective way on “Frames”…enjoy this great effort from a dope indie emcee and most importantly support his work…….

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