Destro Destructo – Day Of The Dead (2013)


While recording ill.ustrated in 2010, Destro was contacted by a producer named Cash Flow, from Zaragoza, Spain, about doing a song for his crew’s compilation, Grand Groove Marathon. After hearing the production, Destro happily accepted the invitation and soon proposed Cash Flow produce his next album. With 23 beats picked out, Destro began writing and recording songs. Cash Flow only got to hear the first song completed (“Along For The Ride”) before his life was cut tragically short. In March 2011, Esteban Benavides Gonzalez AKA Cash Flow passed away from leukemia. After months of consideration, Destro decided to honor his friend’s memory, talent, and love for music by completing the album that they started. Beginning in November of 2011, Destro released one free song every month for 13 months, each with its own cover art. Once November 2012 hit and the last song was made public, Destro continued to write, record, and prepare the album for an official release. Day of the Dead showcases Cash Flow’s production and versatility as Destro weaves tales of hope, loss, and perseverance. From the melodic “Dream Big,” where Destro discusses his vision of an ideal world, to the bass-driven “Filthy,” the chemistry between these two artists is obvious. Featuring collaborations with Luck One, Goldini Bagwell, Onry Ozzborn, JFK, Redwood Son, L Pro, Serge Severe and more, Day of the Dead is a tribute to Cash Flow, hip hop and life. You get to name your on price and after the next six months 65% of proceeds will be donated to cancer research/care in Cash Flows name.

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