Deca- Mammon’s Mantra


Deca is One of the most recognized voices on the underground hiphop scene since I first picked up his first album in 2004 and today he dropped the video to his amazing song “Mammon’s Mantra” off his “The way Through”lp. If you know Deca he has a very beautiful cryptic flow that is easier to follow than other artists who make their bones in this heavily poetic lane like say Aesop Rock. The video is a perfect trippy visual for this song which goes into the fact this world is money obsessed and has forgone many freedoms and integrity to obtain money and the false pleasures it brings. The fact that Mammon is the god of wealth in roman mythology and also considered a demon in Christian demonology/mythology is a cool easter egg that points to the overarching theme of the song. Dope song, Dope album and the video is great.

Bonus: Deca has placed several albums from the beginning of his career as pay what you will on his bandcamp page. Get familiar and support this dope artist. ENJOY

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