Camp lo- On the way uptown(uptown Saturday night demo)


Welcome to 2017 people! Let’s get things rolling with some special mana from heaven in the form to the Camp lo demo to their seminal 1997 classic “Uptown Saturday night”. It is currently on iTunes for purchase and it is certified dope. The striking thing to me on this demo is the fact that camp lo seems to find a fitting on home on more chill tracks that vibe with “coolie high” sonically. These slower vibe soul sampled beats fit Camp lo’s spit fire esoteric flow perfectly and with hard hitting base lines I will have to say this is one of the best demos I have ever heard from a group that later garnered mainstream success. Camp lo’s Achilles heel over the years has been beat selection but this demo does not suffer from that in the slightest. Go and give this a stream over on apple music……….

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