Yassin Bey-Basquiat Ghostwriter


This is what I expect from Yassin Bey. I know a lot of heads have been on the diss/beef kick since the overblown mainstream battle occurred recently. Then Yassin mentioned something in a interview about forming teams and battling anyone, maybe even jokingly and it went viral and was answered by Lupe fiasco. Which was Dismissed by Yassin and heads started flipping out….Well my take is the fact Yassin is a forward thinking more progressive art rapper and this new joint Basquiat ghostwriter shows his brilliance. I know hip-hop wants to build everything on our sports like rules but there is some art in there and Yassin is more of creature of that. He has the chops to do the battle thing and probably enjoys them but that is not his primary thing….Anyway this jawn is a art piece through and through from the student film feel of various scenes of basquiat painting graffiti to the free verse poet style flow employeed by Yassin, right down to the dark ominous beat. ENJOY and loosen up people

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