Ultra Magnus and DJ Slam – The Raw (2015)


Canadian duo “ultra magnus and DJ Slam” are a eccentric hip-hop duo that would be right at home in the native tongue family but instead they are artists on the hands solo record roster and dope at that. Ultra is a true school lyricist that feels every bar with not only flame but a free spirited feel that makes you want to smile as well as repeat his bars and the production is on point. I posted their video for “Hell-lo-l” below and it is a track that is kind of a slight against the pop scene that slings disposable music to tweens. The hook being “I don’t give a fuck about what you give a fuck about” is both timely and hilarious and his antics in the video are hilarious. I wish more rappers could have fun and not take themselves so seriously. Folks forget you can deliver some heavy stuff through comedy. The other single “rock the Mic” is fun loving but more traditional super lyrical word play featuring Mo littles. All in all this duo was a awesome discovery and I look forward to hearing more from them.

01 the raw
02 bill clinton
03 bun tingz
04 autobot anthem
05 hell-o-l
06 damage feat the mighty rhino
07 censorship
08 game over
09 rock the mic feat mo littles and dynamic
10 microphone thrilla
11 odb feat mo littles
12 yogi bear feat wordburglar
13 revenge fantasy
14 trigger
15 the final battle (its over) feat maya killtron

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