The Return of Milestone media


WOW! first Cannibal OX announce a return and now Milestone media. Words cannot express how happy this makes me. I always felt like the characters of this universe deserved more development and attention in general. Just being after thoughts and cast offs in the DC universe is not good enough. I can’t wait to see how this unfolds, check out the full story below from the Washington post…….

Four years ago next month, comics and animation figure Dwayne McDuffie died suddenly at age 49. “He was at a career peak,” friend and colleague Reggie Hudlin told me at the time. “His life was hitting on all cylinders…. That is the tragedy of it.” Hudlin also noted that McDuffie fought for multiculturalism in comics: “He was a great comic writer and editor,” as well as a successful businessman who launched “the first black comic-book company with Milestone Media, [creating] characters that have a huge cultural footprint.” Today, Hudlin and his Milestone partners bring us big news born out of McDuffie’s untimely passing.
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