The Regiment & Sinitus Tempo – S​.​O​.​U​.​L. (Sound Of Us Living) (2015)


The Sound Of Us Living (S.O.U.L.) is a story about a boys journey to find out about his past and more importantly shape his future. The story takes place on Earth present day. A boy and his father are trapped in a battle of apoplectic proportion with a force known as Legion. Legion is an army commanded by his fathers former friend and mentor. The setting is urban cities and suburban country side. Using the spirits of warriors who lived long ago “SOUL’s” the boy and his father wage war with Legion.

Legion was first created in Africa where the boy’s father is from. Due to his fathers mysterious nature the boy has no idea what SOUL’s are at the onset of the story. Until he is able to clearly control his mind , body and spirit, he is oblivious to the hidden world around him.

Later the boy is thrust into a war without warning and must trust his life to SOUL guardians of his own. With new found power, encouragement and curiosity the boy voyages the world to find answers about who he is and how to interprete the Sound Of Us Living.

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