The Jealous Guys- Continuation School


The bay area has given us many legends in hip-hop and they have always been heavy with slang and game. The Jealous guys are a continuation of this type of lyrical originality with charisma. I have been a fan of their work since “brainwashed by Brooklyn” and “love and other drugs” from their “life insomniac” ep. They have a type of poetic style grounded in the street and underground culture. They actually create the type of tracks that pull you into their world and the production is usually dark and moody even when they producers choose brighter samples but there is still a bounce to their work. This latest effort “Continuation School” is the long awaited return of these brothers to the scene. I really expected them to make some serious noise after the brainwashed jawn but things kind of went silent for whatever reason. Well I am happy to hear they finally dropped this joint and it picks up where their original project left off…Do yourself a favor and get familiar with the jealous guys….

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