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If this is the first time you’re hearing of somebody called Your Old Droog, don’t even trip. Some people know the name; those people spent the spring and summer speculating if an unknown entity who posted a better-than-it-should-be debut EP on Soundcloud was in fact Nas, our (hip-hop’s) Jeff Buckley, minus the tragedy. Those same people and a few more were vaguely titillated in late August when Droog officially revealed his face to, first, the New Yorker, and then performed in front of an audience in New York. He’s white, 25 and from Coney Island. Of course there was industry that knew that already; a few had encouraged speculation over his identity. Next week he’s releasing YOUR OLD DROOG LP — the 10 songs from April’s YOUR OLD DROOG EP, in order, two tracks he dropped later, including his ode to NBC correspondent Tamron Hall, and six new tracks, two of which are retakes of previously released songs. It’s all you need to know. listen and read more here

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