First we got the dark but well done power ranger Fan fiction movie and now we have a amazingly detailed anime from Ota King based on the star wars. He zeroes in on a Tie fighter fight sequence and it is amazing. It speaks to what can be done with todays technology and it bodes well for a future of interesting fan fiction if corporations do not go the extra mile to shut down people from celebrating their product. Disney and Lucas films have been good sports so far on this one but we shall see, they are up to 3 million views on youtube which is awesome. I just have to applaud the craftsmanship of Ota King for 4 years of weekend spent making this beauty. You have to place in perspective this was a small team of animators not a big house of them. So kudo’s to Ota, Joseph Leyva on sound and Zal Rahman for providing music…….ENJOY!

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