SkyBlew x Pabzzz- Dreams, Toonami & Jazzier (Free EP)


by Guest blogger: Darrel Maddox
Once again the rapper known as Skyblew drops another album “THE JAZZ HOP CAFÉ PRESENTS: SKYBLEW X PABZZZ – DREAMS, TOONAMI & JAZZIER DAYS (FREEP)” Skyblew links up with French producer Pabzzz to release a Nujabes/Toonami inspired EP.
This album has all those elements of how JDilla and his Nihongo counterpart Jun Seba a.k.a Nujabes would have used those soulful and jazzy undertones that actually helped the music become something more transcendent than just another one hitter quitter, this album is gives you the Miyamoto Musashi treatment because it is legendary in its own right and nothing to be scoffed at.
There are albums that follow trends and albums that say to hell with a trend I am about to do my own thing and make it great despite what the mainstream says. I have followed Skyblew for a long time and from the beginning to his present incarnation, the kid has truly grown with his style when he delivers bars, but one thing that remains true in his common core when it comes to his brand of hip/hop is how he continues to evolve, while still giving fans that signature style that is his and his alone. That is very evident when you hear the track “How about Sunday Ft. Karina Nistal & AlgoRhythmic” and “Always on call Ft. Donovan” that’s seriously that old school Hip/hop feel we used to hear back in the day when the music was still pure and had that realness that we could all relate to.
Gone are the days of the kid who once had a style similar to QTip but has now truly come into own. Listening to this album was like feeding my soul with the goodness of jazz and hip/hop that it had been craving for so long, the use of percussion, soul, jazz, mixing and various other elements leaves the audience captivated with a sense of fulfillment, that it was not a waste to listen to this album, whether you are a fan of jazz. Hip/hop or Toonami this album definitely gives you all of that in a feel good mellow vibe.
Speaking as a connoisseur of the finer things in life Skyblew this project was definitely the auditory version of Courvoisier that had just the right amount of lyrical back bite that made it balanced to the point your cortex because even more conscious while processing it. Just take a listen and you will understand what I mean and until next time. “Paint the Skyblew!”

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