Skyblew & Scott Royale -The Royal Blew Reverie


If you have checked out our blog a few times you already know skyblew is a dope up and coming emcee that tows the line between nerdcore and native tongue quite beautifully. He recently connected with Scott Royale a dope indie beatsmith who calls the indie label “We grow wax” home. The results is a dope release that showcases both artist and producer at their heights. I love the chill downtempo feel of this album. The only issue I have is it feels like it needs to be mixed a little better, sky’s vocals seem to be under the tracks. They need to make some head room on the track for a vocalist with a soft spoken voice. The beats are dope and the vocals are chill…I would like to hear a digitally remastered version…But this is a dope release all day and welcome in my playlist…ENJOY!

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