SkyBlew-Race For Your Life SkyBlew

SkyBlew is blessing us again this year and now he has connected with Megaran and RandomBeats music to give us more heat with “Race for your life SkyBlew”. It is a clever take on the Peanuts cartoon that shares the same name, worked into a concept album that covers the various races we all deal with or go through. It builds on the human race, the race for time and the race for our very lives, He also goes into personal issues to deliver a dope uplifting story….This is definitely the type of indie artist you want to see staying around for the long run and getting more shine. Support this great concept album and treat yourself to some soulful uplifting tunes….

P.S. shout out and mad respect to Sky for winning the BEST MUSIC VIDEO at the Rumschpringe International Short Film Festival and 3RD BEST VIDEO at the Bayou City Inspirational Film Festival for his awesome video “running in place”.

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