Rico Suede and Joey Lavander – Sometimes


One of the most beautiful parts of hip-hop is the fact people tend to rework previously classic works into new songs from their perspective. This is done in other Genres as well of course but in Hip-hop it is a lot different due to the collage art nature of the genre itself i.e. crafting new works from found pieces. Two members of the southern indie group Battlecats have come together under a alias (another favorite hip-hop past time of mine) to give us “Fresh Covers”. Rico Suede is none other than Birmingham’s own soulful emcee Dean Priest and Joey Lavender is The Real Joe Clark also a well known Birmingham emcee(spoiler alert!). The project “Fresh covers” is them bringing their own vision to classic jawns they love and if it is going to be anything like the first teaser track “Sometimes” it will be a dope effort. On “Sometimes” they flip “benz or Beemer” from outkast with great results. Dean/Rico turns it into a noir driven R&B type jawn with his crooning on the hook and then proceeds to bless the tracks with lyrics regarding relationship woes. This is a Rico dominated track with Joe adding a some color to the middle of the song with a second hook/chant. This was a dope take on a classic jawn, which shows the overall creativity of the duo. I can’t wait to hear more of “Fresh Covers”….stay tuned and ENJOY!

Fresh Covers – “Sometimes” from Posey Visual Arts on Vimeo

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