Ras Kass- Why I wrote “How to Kill God”


By now most true hip-hop heads know who west coast rhyme legend Ras KAss is and we also know he has a history of pushing the envelope lyrically, as well as when it comes to subject matter. He has “Soul on ice” “nature of the threat”, “interview with a vampire featuring God and the Devil” to prove he is not afraid to take on grand concepts. Ras Kass not only takes on these concepts but breaks them down in a way that very few artists have been able to i.e. making the hard to comprehend accessible on many levels to the average listener. Well not since “interview with a vampire” have I heard him touch the idea of religion and God with such grace as he did on the album blasphemy. The reactionary will think he is just some rampaging atheist with a ax to grind but he is actually giving social critique on how societies have abused the idea of God. In fact the song “How to kill God” deals with how individuals kill the idea of God through their actions and one of my favorite online interview sources “medium” goes into a great interview with him concerning it. Check it out here

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