Rapper Big Pooh-“stop(featuring Steve Roxx prod.Apollo Brown)”

poohbig Rapper Big Pooh has kept it prolific and stayed consistent after “little brother” went their separate ways. This joint finds Pooh talking about the tensions of being pulled over as a young black man in America. I noticed so many uninformed people who ignore the underground of hip-hop, keep posting that pussy riot has a song called “I can’t breathe” while hip-hop has not responded. How about you look harder before you make assumptions people. Hip-hop still has a whole lot to say but the question is who is going to listen. Another dope release from the favorite indie label “Mellow Music group”. This is from a upcoming album called “Words Paint Pictures” which is a collabo between Pooh and producer Apollo Brown.

Check out the words of rapper big pooh below:
“The crazy thing is, of course, a lot of the stuff that’s going on-Jordan Davis, Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown-all this stuff has been going on. But I was sitting in the crib-it’s one of the last records I did for the EP-and I was watching the news, and there was a story from down in Columbia, South Carolina, which is like an hour and a half away from me. And this kid had just gotten off work and he got pulled over at a gas station. And when he got pulled over at the gas station he got out of the car and the cop said, ‘I want to see your license.’ It was in the car, so [the kid] went to reach for it in the car and the cop fired off one. He didn’t kill him but he injured him, he shot him in the leg. And right after that I went out, I went driving around and I got pulled over that night. And that was going through my mind the other: All these black youth getting killed by police officers, and I get pulled over the night after I watched a man get shot at the gas station. So that was like the longest, quickest police stop I’ve ever had in my life. Two days later when I got home I was like, ‘I gotta write about this.’ You know, as a black man, it used to be the joke that you always tense up when a cop get behind you while you’re driving, but now it’s real, you know what I’m sayin’ That’s real now. So I definitely wanted to document it in some shape or form.


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