Ran Reed- Pathetic emcees ft bumpy knuckles


Ran Reed is a emcee who started his career in the late 90’s era of hip-hop and he has always been a traditional NY emcee with Street centric lyricism that are straight forward. If you are a fan of straight hardcore lyrics with hard banging beats then this is Ran Reeds wheel house. He has a new release coming in the form of “Still commanding respect” and the first teaser is the lead single “Pathetic Emcees” which takes a swipe at today’s mumble dance rappers and the hip-hop game itself. I will cover my thoughts on the current state of hip-hop on another post but joints like “Pathetic Emcees” are more common in hip-hop over the years than many of the so called hip-hop media let on. Hip-hop has always had that aggressive battle ready leaning on a much higher level than any other genre of music. Wack emcees have been the target since way back in the day(see “sucker mc’s) and dance rappers are often clowned by the more lyrical and bravado driven emcees. Ran Reed delivers a dope banger and brings in none other than Freddie “bumby knuckles” fox for extra measure. This is another good meat and potatoes hip-hop jawn for heads who like their east coast hip-hop straight with no chaser. ENJOY! and support “still commanding respect”

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