R.I.P Larry Smith


RIP to one of the original power producers in the game. Unlike other producers he only went by his government name rather than a alias and refused to use samples when they became the norm, But he crafted some of the most memorable hip-hop songs of all time. We are talking about Whodini’s “Friend’s”, “Five minutes of funk”, “Freaks come out at night” and Run DMC’s “king of rock” “Sucker MC’s” etc…. Larry was a trained musician who crafted soundscapes customized to embody the idea a group wanted to create. Run DMC was more rock driven and Whodini was smooth R&B based. Larry created and defined hip-hops soundscape for much of the 80’s and is sampled constantly even today. Check out a detailed history through his wiki page here.

Check out some of his classic work below.

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