Public Enemy + BitTorrent Team Up To Revolutionize Online Music


Public Enemy, hip-hop’s original revolutionaries, are about to kick over the barriers once again. Specifically the rap legends have decided to release “Get Up Stand Up”their fist-raising collaboration with rhymesayer Brother Ali as a BitTorrent bundle today. That might not sound like a shot heard round the world at first gloss but what it means is that the group is letting their song’s DNA go viral in the most way possible by letting fans not only download the song but also access its 37 multitrack stems (plus additional video content) simply by entering an email.

That’s when things really get out of hand fans will have an opportunity to create their own song using the multitracks and share those with Public Enemy using another BitTorrent product SoShare. PE will then choose the winners with the top pick getting produced and released by Public Enemy.

In short, its about as close as Chuck D could come to make the lyrics of the song:

“This song don’t give a damn / you can’t dance or romance to it / This song ain’t arrogant / if you don’t try, buy it / if your radio denies it..”

…come to life. Since using technology to take hip-hop direct to the masses is pretty much the heart of what Okayplayer has been about since 1.0, we are understandably a little….Continue reading at Okayplayer

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