People Under The Stairs – 12 Step Program (2014)

01. Roundabouts
02. Ste. For Reefer
03. 1 Up Til Sun Up
04. Cool Story Bro
05. The Strand
06. LA Nights
07. Get Hip
08. Pictures On My Wall
09. Breakup Music
10. Yes I Can
11. Umbrellas (God Forgive Me)
12. Doctor Feelgood

This is the first video I have seen form the PUTS song “1 up til sun up” from the album 12 step program. I provided a check list about for the rest of the album. If you are not aware of the puts body of work, I think you should check them out. They have dropped tons of Left coast indie gems since the mid 90’s and THES ONES production is everywhere including a few beat tapes. ENJOY!

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