Naughty by nature-God is us featuring Queen Latifah


Well, how about a flava unit reunion to get me back in the blogging mood? Been slammed lately and the dope music has been pilling up but one thing is for certain I am starting to love the fact that veterans are still releasing music in hip-hop. Many folks think hip-hop should just be relegated to kiddie pop and what every comes out of the minds of tweens and the grown ass men and women who make music aimed at them. I am glad to see hip-hop age and grow adding more perspective to the genre even in the face of the ignorance of the mainstream. That is what makes this special. Not only did two industry veteran forces connect to do a track after such a long time but they made it a thoughtful jawn putting a little more love in the world. Naughty ruled the hip-hop anthem from the late 80’s through the 90’s and Queen Latifah has always added a lot of thoughtful soul to her work. It is refreshing to see these two come together for such a positive exchange. Treach is lyrically stout as ever delivering blistering verses at break neck speed and Queen Latifah’s vocal was a nice accompaniment to seal this as a dope track. The beat is solid not as infectious as much of their previous work but it served its purpose and fit the vibe. ENJOY! and spread love

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