MC-LYTE featuring Lil Mama an VA- Ball

mc-lyte-yellow-1-300x300 I normally don’t post something just to speak on something I do not like about it but I am going to have to make a exception. MC Lyte is a legend as the first female emcee to really hold her own with the boys and not be just a cute face with a cherpy voice, She has dropped many classic songs that are still with us today and still maintain solid chops like most talented emcees. My issue is when established artists try to fit a current mold or sound rather than just updating their sound and stick to a specific lane. Lyte could have easily continued to win over the thoughtful heads like she did on the jawn with common, a more thoughtful track entitled “Dear John” which was more fitting. The production is generic on “Ball” as well as on “Dear John”. They are those annoying attempt at uptempo tracks that make you scratch your head and they sound like they were created with stock sounds off some random DAW. The tracks do not do Lyte any justice and to make matters worse the subject matter on ball is better left to the new rich kids. We all figure you have some money at this point talking about balling when you have always been the down to earth lyrical around the way girl seems like a reach and then featuring lil mama(not necessary on any planet). The videos look kinda meh too. I am sad to say all this because I do not want to remember my legends like this but I just need them to settle down and find the power to be themselves or realize they are not going to win over the 18 to 20 somethings by playing their game. Let the youth be youthful and provide us perspective. Peace

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