Local-Mu12 (Fokis, Stryfe & Juellz) f. Rapper Big Pooh


Wealth is a term that can mean many different things to many different people. For example, Health Is wealth, money is wealth, happiness is wealth etc. Rapper Big Pooh, of the group Little Brother lends a verse to the global collective known as Local-Mu12 for their new single…… you guessed it, “WEALTH” The single features Local-Mu12 members Fokis, Stryfe & the newest addition Juellz who is from Switzerland. “I met Juellz via the internet courtesy of a bonus CD that accompanied skyzoo’ An Ode To Reasonable Doubt – EP. I noticed he had a song ft. Skyzoo, when I heard it and Sky mentioned to me that he was from Switzerland I lost my mind because the kid sounds like he is from Brooklyn or queens or something, definitely not Switzerland. I reached out to him, let him know what Local-Mu12 was all about and the rest is history.” – Fokis

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