L.O.U from queens- Extasy (video directed by crazy al cayne)


This kid L.O.U. from queens is yet another good lyrical emcee to represent for NY in the truest of fashions. Many folks call this brand of hip-hop nostalgia rap and I find that ridiculous because if they listen this new generation has a different rhythm to their cadence and flow even though they pick classic boom bap style bangers to rhyme on. Once a genre establishes a certified sound there is nothing wrong with continuing to build from the base as you explore new territory in creativity elsewhere(off soap box). L.O.U. is your classic emcee, recently he dropped several videos directed by Crazy Al Cayne. Each one is directed from a man on the street type point of view. On this jawn entitled “Extasy” he rips a KMD/native tongue feeling beat with a topic that covers how bounce back and keep moving after set backs or challenges. His almost spitfire delivery and intricate wordplay brings a lot of life to this track….ENJOY! and support

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