KXNG Crooked – A party going on


Crooked I aka Kxng crooked legendary west cost lyricist and member of slaughter house is prepping to drop his latest solo effort Jazz(deluxe) sometimes this year and has offered up this teaser track from the effort “A party going on”. This is a track that covers topical situations of the moment like politics and police brutality as well as issues that may be occurring in crookeds personal life or at least his thoughts. I love this type of stuff because to me it allows a dope emcee to show his range as a topical song writer and not just get type casted as a “rapping ass rapper”. The track is a somber piece by Smith and Hay who frequently work with Crook. It sets a good melancholy tone for the anxiety laced thoughts rushing through crooks mind and the listener can close his eyes and almost feel they are at the party. ENJOY and lets hope Jazz continues down this path

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