Kay Dee Records presents Wild Style Breakbeats

Kenny Dope Connected with “get down” to drop this first break beat record release on Kay Dee Records. It is a part if a book series called “wild Style Breakbeats”. I am excited about the release after checking out the liner notes featuring images from Charlie Ahearn “wild style director” and commentary from Fab 5 Freddy, Chris Stien and Grand Wizard Theodore. Check out this excerpt from the liner notes:

Freddy says, “The #1 question I would get when I would meet significant DJs from the ’90s was, ‘Where did those records come from?’ It was a big thing to a lot of people.” And he underscores an important parallel to the breaks that made up the backbone of the original ’70s Bronx park jams: “The kind of breakbeats that were popular in the early years sounded so obscure, even if you were a DJ, because jocks would soak the labels off so people couldn’t figure out what they were playing. The Wild Style Breakbeats became a similar quest.”

Chris Stein sums his “Wild Style” experience up, three decades later: “While the film was being made, I knew it was going somewhere, because I was really aware of what was going on in the hip-hop world back then. I can’t say I knew the full significance of what it would become at the beginning (of filming) and I definitely didn’t know that four years later I would have guys in the UK begging me for white labels of the Breakbeats. But when I finally saw the movie, I was really impressed. I told them ‘This is going to get knocked off by Hollywood immediately.’ Within six months, there was ‘Beat Street.'”

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