Joey BadA$$-“NO. 99”


Joey Bada$$ is known to pay homage to the golden era with his style and delivery. I see him as more than that, I see him as the continuation of a subgenre of hip-hop that is one of my favorites. Hip-hop is still treated like the disposable fad music it was thought to be by many early critics and detractors but like every other genre of music there are subgenres within the body and the pop element seen on top does not encompass does not reflect the entire scope of the music. Joey is sitting on top of the classic boombap sub genre for this generation and this video and the beat itself is automatic pitch perfect example of what you should expect from this genre. Covering the angle of a heroic anarchist going against a twisted system Bada$$ channels the P.E. classic “night of the living bassheads feels” into his song “No.99”. ENJOY!

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