Joe Budden- Some Love Lost (track list)


Joe Budden is the soul of the lyrical super group “slaughter house” in my opinion. He always comes with heavy introspective bars and avoids being labeled as a robotic super lyricist by bringing enough of his own personal issues to the table to balance out his own advanced skill set. Personally I think Joe could provide some much needed direction to many of the “slaughter house” projects and a good producer to do the whole project and solidify the sound wouldn’t hurt either. Anyway, Joe is about to bless us with another effort on November 4th. He gave us “Make a Deal” the other day and now he has announced via instagram the track listing peep both below. ENJOY!

1. Some Love Lost (Intro)
2. The Way You Love Me
3. Only Human
4. Alive
5. Poker In The Sky
6. Ordinary Love Sh*t, pt.4 (Keep Running)
7. Different Love


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