Jarren Benton- Diamonds and Furs


When Jarren Benton dropped “My grandma basement” on Funk Volume a while back, you could not help but notice his skill and personality. In fact the only issue I had with it was the fact sometimes his cadence got eerily familiar to a young hungry EM. Moving forward Benton continues to deliver heavy bars over industry friendly production, this time with a more introspective result. Diamonds and Furs off his project “slow motion” takes a look at some of the things he struggled with in the name of making it in the industry. I like to see artists do this because it allows them to add authentic emotion to the characters they create. Check out Diamonds and Furs below and Jarren Bentons own break down of the song:

“Diamonds & Fur” is a metaphor. I take you on a journey through some of my troubles and adversities as a struggling musician. “Diamonds & Fur” represents the success from the lime light. I’m talking about the physical things, but I’m also talking about the intangible; just making it. The song describes relationships that deteriorate in pursuit of that ultimate dream and not realizing all the pain you cause the people that are around you

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