HARDWARE….a hero in need of a second chance




I have no idea why DC cannot sustain a series with the characters from milestone media or find writers who can write ethnic characters better than the current lot, But Hardware was one of my favs from back in the day and I only lament the fact he never really got decent treatment overtime even from his creators. I think he suffered like many interesting characters do when they are creator owned. He was limited to a black environment and his enemies were not worthy of him. Weak bad guys can ruin a comic book fast and a lot of milestone and DC black characters suffer from this. Generic villains and circumstances can cause a reader to lose interest quick and this is a sad case of both. I think a team up with Mr. Terrific is in order(another character who could use some help) Come on DC Mr terrific is the science hero trope….check out his back story below from comicvine.

Created by Dwayne McDuffie and Denys Cowan. Hardware was the first comic printed by Milestone Media and was one of it’s flagship titles. While some critics dismissed Hardware as “an angry black man lashing out at the corporate world,” Curtis Metcalf and Hardware was much more complex that that. The series, according to the creator and primary writer of Hardware, Dwayne McDuffie, “is about fathers and sons,” and revolved primarily around Curtis’ relationship with Edwin Alva.

Originally, Hardware and the entire Milestone line of comics took place in the Dakotaverse which was a separate continuity and universe from DC Comics; which printed the Milestone titles but did not retain any editorial or legal rights to the characters themselves. After Milestone Media stopped producing their comic titles, Hardware entered a “comic limbo” for several years. Recently, Hardware and the Milestone characters have undergone a revival and have. Read more at comicvine

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