Grand Puba -“The More Things Change”

It is always great news when a Vet comes back and Grand Puba was that dude back in the day. He never really went as far as I thought he would go given his skill and personality. Personally I always felt Grand Puba should have been a superstar back in the day. I know he was dope with Brand Nubian back in the day but he never really got as far as a solo artist. Well he is back with the thoughtful Pub we got used to with Brand Nubian and given the issues going on today, we need him. It is great to see this from hip-hop and I hope to see more. Grand Puba has a full length coming soon called”Retroactive” on babygrande records. Lets support this effort………….ENJOY!

Also check out Pubs perspective below:
” It saddens me to see a new generation experiencing the same social, political and economic challenges that every generation prior has faced. The world is watching everything from police brutality, to the failure of our judicial system, to Hollywood’s continuous inaccurate portrayal of our Egyptian ancestors. The world is watching,” adds the Hip Hop legend. “I am thrilled to be back with Babygrande to release my new album and to do my part as an emcee and as a messenger.”

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