Flotown(Florence, AL) royalty Gmane dropped his Eurotrap on Friday the 13th. He recorded much of this overseas as international players tend to do. Many folks have compared his cadence and delivery to the great Bun B from UGK and it is true both of these trill southern brothers are blessed with a voice/flow that gets attention. The difference for me is the fact Gmane can sing in a cadence often heard in church down south any given sunday. A soulful baritone that goes with blaxsploitation soundtracks as well as sunday service. Couple that with his everyman hustler message and you get the southern hustler narrative with a soul. G is a vet and needs very little introduction as a founding member of the seminal Alabama indie group slavekamp and a solo artists, he has made his mark in the game through a steady grind coupled with dope music.

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