Frank ocean- Solo reprise featuring Andre 3000


Frank ocean has finally released his long awaited 2nd album, so fans of modern soul rejoice but most importantly from a hip-hop stand point he managed to get serial feature killer Andre 3000 to bless us with a verse. “Solo reprise” is a short interlude type track featuring 3 stacks waxing poetic about many things about himself and how he see’s the world. I think he is the greatest internal monologue lyricists I have ever heard because every line is like he is weighing issues he has faced and things that concern him about the world today, It either feels like we are witness to the dopest internal discussion ever or we are being put up on game by a master teacher(probably both)…The most interesting part is when he weighs in on the hot topic item of the moment in hip-hop i.e. ghostwriting and he does it from the perspective of a writer/lyricist. Also when he discusses the fact so many women are augmenting themselves in the name of beauty but then ask for a real man, note he did say “he has never worn a skirt” i.e. he does not know what it is like to be a woman but the paradox of his first statement makes him go hmmmmm. All in all this is one of the most rewindable 1:18 seconds in 2016 hip-hop….do yourself a favor and enjoy!

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