I had a fun exchange with a fellow hip-hop head the other day, about the fate of No Limit records and Master P’s status in the bigger picture of hip-hop…..I will discuss this later. I bring this up, because I said Fiend was one of the best emcees this label had at the time and now he is one of the few still making relevant music. Fiend has been down with cloud rap indie kingpin Currency for a minute and has released solid previous mixtapes ever since. After listening latest effort you hear an artist on his grown man seasoned vet steez heavy. Fiend does everything from channeling his inner Barry white to getting introspective about his life coming up in the hood, like rappers in his lane tend to do from time to time. I could only hope he does a commercial releases this solid even when he missed it was tolerable. Chill out and peep this veteran cloud rap….. WOMP WOMP!

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