EVG- “S.H.E. strongest human ever”


EVG is a graden state Emcee that is showing a lot of promise. I am about to start featuring dope emcees who happen to be females because the game has always been tilted away from females who don’t just act like vixens. Check out her bio info from urban-lyfe.com below to give an idea of who she is as an artist and peep her video for S.H.E. ENJOY!

“In an industry where it is so easy to go with the grain than against it, there was a rebel.”

EVG is a female artist born in Queens, NY and raised in the state of New Jersey. Her love for the arts started early (age 4) and began with the particular expression of dance. The high expenses of dance classes left her unable to continue with teaching but never stopped her passion. As she grew older, she took up playing various instruments such as the saxophone and the piano. Listening to legends such as Whitney Houston, Bob Marley, Marvin Gaye, and others as a child helped uncover her secret love early in life for writing music, which stayed with her all the way through her young adult years. Gracing stages as a backup dancer for many well established artists such as Lil Mama and LL Cool J while also being in numerous videos, music has always played a big role in her lifestyle. It wasn’t until she started secretly posting Youtube videos of her rapping and singing that people started to take notice of her natural talent for songwriting and artistry. Becoming a youtube sensation propelled her into the forefront of many famous artists and producers willing to lend a hand a work with EVG. “Being a part of the industry taught/ teaches me a lot. You have to have a strong sense of self when being an artist…ESPECIALLY as a woman! I made a lot of mistakes and created a lot of misconceptions of how I wanted to be portrayed due to the pressures of this industry. Being a female, you are forced to be a certain size, sell your body first, you know. They seem more concerned with the lipstick that covers your mouth than what actually comes out of your mouth. I just want to be respected for the complexities of my mind and the artwork painted by my tongue. I feel I can spar with the best of the MALE rappers out there. I want to celebrate the beauty of my womanhood in a honorable way and give women everywhere a voice. A REAL voice. Not one that is actually a male being a ventriloquist with a female puppet. I want to be able to tell ALL sides of a woman’s story. When was the last time you heard about something other than our sexual organs?”
This indie artist boasts over 1,000,000 video views and fans she calls “rebels” worldwide. Keeping her music inspiring, positive, raw, and real she is determined to make a dent and start a revolution…one rebel at a time.

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