Dope OKAYPLAYER article on consumerism and the artist by Cheif Boima

Kanye West x Karl Marx: Chief Boima On Kanye + The Commodity Fetish

What do Kanye West and Karl Marx have in common? Short answer: our homie Chief Boima. Boima, as Okayafrica readers already know, is not just a barrier-smashing DJ (if you were not there to like his Okayafrica Soundclash set in person Friday night, you don’t like yourself) but also a scholar of music and global DJ culture. Last week, in an essay entitled “Kanye West On The Commodity Fetish “published on the Dutty Artz blog, Boima identified some of key philosophical concepts of classical Marxism at work in Kanye’s thinking as relayed to Zane Lowe in his now-notorious BBC 1 interview. Specifically Boima zeroes in on Yeezy’s comments in the last segment of the interview, wherein he says decodes his stance on materialism in “New Slaves” and says things like: read more

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