UK PRODUCER Solomone Caine and emcee Kyvah Johnston (aka Boston’s Slim Pickens) collabed to dropped this jawn last year under the name the Doom Brotherz. I am a huge fan of the masked character motif and use it myself, when I create stuff because I prefer anonymity to exposure. I just like creating, throw in the fact I am a huge comic nerd and it is obvious the masked concept is going to always be one of my favorites. Caine provides a soundtrack constructed from Jazzy and soulful instrumentals with various interesting vocal snippets mixed in or scratched in the cut. The tracks are smooth and have that rugged 90’s feel brought in by the WU-Tang clan coupled with the lyrical output of the phantom aka Kyvah bka slim. His lyrics are the classic NY spill, which floats between revolutionary and braggadocio. If you are a boombap, MF DOOM or WU fan this will be in your wheel house all day. ENJOY!

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