Democracy – Slowly But Surely


Democracy is a indie emcee from Miami Florida with a soulful approach to music. I will admit on first listen, I was not so heavily blown away by his cadence or word play but his topics and song structure are solid enough to keep me entertained for the entire project. What I am saying is I would like to hear a little more passion in bars that deal with such a diverse array of subject matter. But I love his philosophy on creating soulful music and the way he lays out songs. ENJOY! and check out the ideas about the album below.

Slowly But Surely is to simply show that music for the soul still exists. This is my second official project. I’ve worked on this since high school.. which has been two years. But my supporters have been patient with me in the process of crafting this. This project has a total of 20 songs, some are original sounds from various producers. There are also a few songs that features other very talented artists. The artwork was designed by my very talented cousin Ryan Parks. The mixing was done by various engineers: StudioLife Miami, P.L.T.D (Peace Love Technicolor Dream), Treehouse Productions, and JG Afuego. The mastering was done by Sage Audio & CSA (Chris Steiner Audio). The wait is over and I appreciate all who had a part in this release. This is my gift to you! So Enjoy everyone!

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