Dem Atlas- In the Mud(VIDEO)

Dem Atlas is a emcee from Minnesota who is associated with Doomtree and the good folks at Rhymesayer entertainment and I have posted some of his work before as a part of our various dope internet music finds here at badmagics. Dem is leans more on the poetic elements of the emcee family tree with a style that is both free flowing like my spoken word artists yet pointed directly at the subject at hand with a almost laser like focus. I am covering two great finds from Dem in one post with this review/discovery piece. The first is the video for his song entitled “in the mud” which takes on some very personal struggles Dem has in his like much of his work does. A very dark piece with a plodding melodic beat to match. The video is moody and covers many issues that depression can bring about from alcoholism, to suicidal thoughts and it also touches isolation and a interesting scene showing what could be a sexual exchange for money as the camera peers into the eyes of the individual I presume to be the prostitute as she stairs into the mirror contemplating her life I am sure. Here are some thoughts from Dem Atlas himself about the songs subjects……… “In the Mud” centers around a time in my life where I felt complacent and in a daze not knowing exactly where I should be spending my time. Too often, I found myself waking up late, hungover and laying next to a woman I barely knew knowing that I had other shit to do,” he detailed on Bandcamp. “This kept happening, and like any habit or addiction that’s nurtured, it became comfortable. So, the song is basically about that; playing in the mud, drinking the mud, living in the mud & being strangely content with it.
My friend introduced me to Dirty Art Club’s work, and the beat Hemlock spoke to me the most. The song wrote itself in about an hour, and perfectly encapsulated what I was going through at that time.”


Late year in July Dem also dropped a mixtape of him waxing poetic and singing over MF Doom instrumentals “entitled” MF Dem. I know what you are thinking not another freaking emcee rapping on doombeats but nope that is not the case here. Dem Atlas brought his eccentric poetic style to this project with made it a fun listen even though much to the subject matter stayed within a dark emotional space….ENJOY!


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