Dean Priest- Stereotype


Dean Priest finally dropped his mixtape on us and it was well worth the wait. He proceeds to continue to lyrically devour instrumentals and display his range of topic and flow. This mixtape is a good introduction to anyone who is into good lyrics intermingled with thoughtful commentary. He created a solid sound bed for this project selecting a combination of industry and local producer instrumentals to provide the back drop for his songs. My favorite tracks as of right now is “letter from hell”, “I Bet”, “Life”(I love the flip of the sample on that one, I created a beat from the same song back in the day and used it differently. That is why I love to see how other producers use their creativity when making beats, AWESOME!). This is a good opening project from Dean as a up and coming artist. I hope he keeps blessing us with jawns as the years move forward..ENJOY!

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