Dean Priest- Handsome Shadow

Dean Priest never disappoints, every time he drops a mixtape it sounds like a full well thought out project with direction. He continues the tradition with “handsome shadow”. Shadow is a more emotional/ spiritual jawn than his previous effort which was more of a intro to his hip-hop pedigree. Don’t get me wrong everything I have heard from him thus far has had a soulful and thoughtful message associated even in the braggadocio joints but Shadow is deeper and employs his crooning ability along with a with a few other guest vocalists. This Album hits with powerful tributes to his Mom and childhood on “L.M.T.Y.A.L.S”, as well as thoughtful odes to women like the previously released “beautiful you”. I like efforts like this because artists expose themselves and a bit of their story which allows you to become more adhered to them. Another dope effort in the books for one of Birmingham most talented up and coming emcees. ENJOY! and support

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