De la soul- Royalty capes


August 26th will bring the long awaited new album from the legendary De la Soul entitled “the anonymous nobody”. Well in true form De la has given us yet another teaser entitled “Royalty capes”. This jawn is chill with a spoken word piece in place of the hook. It feels a lot like “I am I be” from their 92 release Buhloone mindstate. Most of the teaser songs thus far have had a similar feel to that album minus the deeply cryptic lyrics. The lyrics on this jawn is straight forward for de la soul fans but may be a heavy lift for some of the causal fans out there, But more straightforward poetic verse than cryptic flow with inside messages. The beat is a relaxed Jazzy beat that gives you the feel of being at a poetry speak or coffee house. I can’t wait to hear the complete work because De la soul is one group that mastered the concept album……ENJOY!

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