De LA Soul interview from Hardknock TV


First off mad crazy shouts out to the good folks at Hardknocktv for even doing an interview like this with one of the most creative collectives to ever form in hip-hop. De la soul is one of the reasons I ever thought about even making a song because they introduced the urban/black everyman to the scene in a way no one ever did before them. They were not affriad to laugh at themselves or smile at a time when frowning and not being the clown was the order of the day. Coupled with the fact they invented the hip-hop skit on their classic “3 feet high and rising” LP, which is a byproduct of them creating some of the most cohesive albums in hip-hop history (up until some of the latter parts of the AOI series in my humble opinion). De la soul remains an incredible creative force to this day and I am glad for one they are still loving what they do, with that being said they are about to start dropping singles via the web soon. Expect those to show up in the magiclab as soon as they are available but in the mean time get familiar with this great interview from HardKnockTV.

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